Monday, 12 October 2009

A question of WHY....
My facebook status reads: I always thought I would be one of those parents who answered 'but why mummy' with a patient 'because...' but after 10 minutes of 'why' he got 'BECAUSE I SAY SO, THAT WHY'. I got an overwhelming response! Most of my friends/colleagues/acquaintances showed their empathy with a 'like' or a comment of their own. How can children all be so different yet all the same.
I took Mr T to cafe nero today and while he sat in the baby seat throwing banana over the floor, I smiled at him like he was pure genius, while spilling my latte on my already (ready brek) stained top. People smiled in a sympathetic way but I was totally happy - and so was he. Nevertheless when he started shouting and I got banana in my hair I called it quits and left with my head held high and half a piece of lemon cake in my bag... its still there as I didn't get another chance to tuck in.
Not sure if this is just boys but my kids seems to constantly eat... so I am constantly thinking about food. Is it any wonder that I've still 2 stone to lose for post both kids... perhaps just an excuse though.

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