Friday, 9 October 2009

The part time experiment.

Well I'm here. My first week of working part time.... and I should be elated and excited that I've finally managed to get a role that ticks all the boxes - near to home TICK, near to nursery TICK, money OK when balanced with expensive nursery fees TICK, not so stressed that I don't have time for a cuppa soup at lunchtime TICK or a twix (as the soup allowed me the calories) at tea time TICK.

So why do I feel a little bit anxious and unsettled and typical of me - want to rush the next few weeks over so I settle into some kind of 'routine' - I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF ROUTINE!!!
So I've decided to publicly share myself in this dalliance of the careful balance between the full time mummy and full time working mummy and am looking at it as an experiment (rather than a test) of what will suit me and my precious little men (Drama King aged 3) and (Mr T aged 11months) the best.

When I found myself sweating off my clinque face at the soft play centre on Tuesday afternoon, racing around in my pig print socks (the only ones I could find when I realised they are key attire for these places) I thought - have I really signed up for this? Weeks of chasing DK round the tiny tunnels SO not made for child bearing hips and when he disappears, prowling the outside edges, with the occasional yell of his name as the flash of his green top disappears for the 6th time down the curly slide! This with Mr T shoved under my arm, wriggling like a slippery little fish to get down and throw his chunky little self in the ball pit. But isn't this what full time mums enjoy doing. Am I am bad mother for not wanting to leap into the ball pit behind him?

The weekend is bringing a new kind of excitement.... as I know I wont be back at work until next Wednesday... though as every parent knows, the weekends are no longer for chilling - no matter how long they are.

Lets see what random things I end up stressing about next then....

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  1. Unfortunately I feel routine laughs in my face most of the time!!
    A very nice Blog.