Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Am I turning into my mother.... yes I know I am....

After a very busy few days with the kids (play dates, visiting friends, refusing naps, spitting food and water out - mix and match those as you please) I'm back at work for my Monday (everyone elses Wednesday). I actually start the week more exausted that I did when I started on a Monday...

Anyway, I found myself saying to my friend yesterday - it really makes me annoyed when my husband says 'You are so like your mother'. I always loudly and agressively protest this but in the back of my mind this little voice is saying 'you are.... you are... and you know you are...'. So I thought I would share with you a few of the things that are beginning to frighten me about myself.... and are normal habits/phrases from my mother.

1. I find myself looking at the old vegetables in the fridge with new interest…. veg stock, cough medicine, face pack

2. I believe the kids need their winter coats on even though its 19 degrees outside and my 3 yr old is sweating – it is October you know.

3. I tell people ‘oranges will cure everything… but they have to be real oranges not tangerines’ and actually believe it.

4. I have started to add baby bio to the plants that I now actually bother to water

5. I’ve started to contemplate the ‘mummy haircut’ short and practical

6. I have more clothes in my cupboard that are non-iron, practical, cotton and high necked (low necks not a good look when crawling round in a play centre – also recently causing my 3 yr old to yell BOOBIES at the top of his voice!!! – what is happening to him???).

7. 80% of my shoes are comfortable, easy to run in and dont show food/puke stains – as opposed to the ones I’ve put away (high fashion, high heels).

8. I spend much more time contemplating a slipper purchase

9. I get excited about great offers on quality meat in the supermarket (oooh Aberdeen Angus burgers from Waitrose).

10. And worst of all…. I spent time talking about the merits of an electric blanket with a work colleague before we realised ourselves and abruptly ended the conversation.

Feel free to share yours and assure me that I am not alone....


  1. Oh dear I can relate to some of those. I want to go back to bed now and start the day again lol

  2. Oh no....I can tick 5,6,7, & 9 straight off....aargh... :-D