Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The chocolate lolly pop - its not what you think

Setting the tone for this post.... a toilet trained 3.5yr old with very good manners... a slightly OCD mother and copious amounts of toilet roll....

Starting to get the picture?

I am sick of living in a house, where as the only toilet cleaner, and only woman I have very impressive toilet manners i.e.

- I wipe the seat clean if there are any little spillages
- 'go faster stripes' are cleaned off with toilet brush (and toilet brush gets a flush rinse too)
- Toilet roll is replaced if finished
- Air freshener is used if unladylike aroma is detained
- Hands are washed with soap and hand towel replaced on the hook/radiator

Basically Drama King has been pretty messy so far (like his father) with wee over the seat, back of the seat, lid, floor and skirting board (HOW???). He also uses about a roll of toilet paper on such a small bottom! HOW??? I am forgiving as he is my small boy - unlike his father who I call 'filthy animal' when faced with his offerings.

This particular time, DK was in there for ages. We were at the dinner table and I was feed Mr T's little chubby face so suitable distracted. "What is he doing in there' I asked my husband for the second time so he might actually get up and have a look. When suddenly we heard the 'Ding' of the toilet brush clashing against the bowl. "Oh no" was the stereo effect from across the table and with look of horror already plastered on his face, husband went to see what was going on.

All I could hear was 'Daddy I was just cleaning like mummy does' came the confident response.

I rushed over to survey the damage and was faced with an empty toilet roll (most of it was on the floor, some in the toilet and some in the sink???!!!)  the chocolate lolly pop - poo on a toilet brush - so much so, you could see more poo than brush and a small boy with an angelic look on his face. Needless to say my OCD took over, I ushered them out and armed with the marigolds, toilet duck and Cif I demolished the offending items. The toilet brush has since been replaced.

Needless to say, I now keep the brush well out of sight and DK gets a little shout after a few minutes 'DK you alright in there' to show I'm paying attention.