Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Am I turning into my mother.... yes I know I am....

After a very busy few days with the kids (play dates, visiting friends, refusing naps, spitting food and water out - mix and match those as you please) I'm back at work for my Monday (everyone elses Wednesday). I actually start the week more exausted that I did when I started on a Monday...

Anyway, I found myself saying to my friend yesterday - it really makes me annoyed when my husband says 'You are so like your mother'. I always loudly and agressively protest this but in the back of my mind this little voice is saying 'you are.... you are... and you know you are...'. So I thought I would share with you a few of the things that are beginning to frighten me about myself.... and are normal habits/phrases from my mother.

1. I find myself looking at the old vegetables in the fridge with new interest…. veg stock, cough medicine, face pack

2. I believe the kids need their winter coats on even though its 19 degrees outside and my 3 yr old is sweating – it is October you know.

3. I tell people ‘oranges will cure everything… but they have to be real oranges not tangerines’ and actually believe it.

4. I have started to add baby bio to the plants that I now actually bother to water

5. I’ve started to contemplate the ‘mummy haircut’ short and practical

6. I have more clothes in my cupboard that are non-iron, practical, cotton and high necked (low necks not a good look when crawling round in a play centre – also recently causing my 3 yr old to yell BOOBIES at the top of his voice!!! – what is happening to him???).

7. 80% of my shoes are comfortable, easy to run in and dont show food/puke stains – as opposed to the ones I’ve put away (high fashion, high heels).

8. I spend much more time contemplating a slipper purchase

9. I get excited about great offers on quality meat in the supermarket (oooh Aberdeen Angus burgers from Waitrose).

10. And worst of all…. I spent time talking about the merits of an electric blanket with a work colleague before we realised ourselves and abruptly ended the conversation.

Feel free to share yours and assure me that I am not alone....

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Whatever happened to softly softly...

The week is about to begin again and its my 3rd week of part time - am really starting to enjoy the lovely balance. Last Monday I decided to embark on the exciting adventure of attending a music group with my Mr T. I was a little apprehensive... being a full time working mummy I never had the chance to go to any groups.

I turned up on time... first victory (get to see the other mums and bubs arrive instead of walking in sweating and puffing and not having time to check out a likely pal) and am greeted by a very jolly young lady who virtually shouts/sings at us as we walk in the door 'HHHEEEELLOOOOOOO... and before I have a chance to speak 'well you must be...' and then writes our names on a sticker and with great ceremony slaps the giant sticker across Mr Ts belly. He looks disdainfully down at the sticker and up again at her - very unimpressed. She directs us to a small room to the side and we go in and settle ourselves... turns out there is only one other attendee (popular class then), a lady with a lovely little baby girl who is not on the move yet but sits nicely. Mr T was at the shoe rack, door, pulling at the floor mats, and pulling himself up on the drum in about 10 seconds flat - he also sits nicely but not for any length of time.

Also turns out operatic dramatic bird from the reception desk is running the class... hence the enthusiasm at another attendee/victim. The next half hour consisted of her wailing out various up tempo versions of well know nursery rhymes that by the time I had figured out what she was singing and started to join in with some enthusiasm, the song was over. Likewise Mr T got quite used to banging on a nice big drum when she 'cleared the instruments away' to bring out something else and then something else... needless to say he thought 'Sod this... you're just gonna take it off me again so I would rather terrorise the small baby to my right as she can't go anywhere' and lost all interest in the show. Thank goodness the other mummy was very chilled and spent the whole session laughing at the Mr T show and then asked us if we would be coming back next week as she would if we did! Another satisfied customer for the songstress then. Unsurprisingly, not planning a return visit tomorrow.

My final thought for the evening... why do children have a knack of saying the wrong thing at such a volume... DK did the 'LOOK THAT MAN IS WEARING LADIES SHOES' yesterday... of course it turns out it was a lady with very short hair and not many curves... I didn't stop to chat. I was too busy yanking my sons arm out of its socket to get across to the other side of the car park.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Dressing up

I was talking to DK this morning about dressing up for halloween. He is obsessed with Batman and Spiderman so naturally wants to be Batman for a halloween party we're going to. He then followed up with that he wants his baby brother to be spiderman (the thought of my little podgy baby boy in the tight bright blue trousers is hilarious) and that he wants Daddy to be Robin (even more hilarious - yellow tights!) and I can be Superwoman - (nothing funny about me in tights) very pleased.

So I thought we had it all worked out until he saw me browsing the Mothercare Xmas catalogue and spotted the dressing up page - LOOK! He exclaimed - I assumed he spotted the spiderman outfit and had changed his mind about batman - but actually 'Its a pretty princess dress!' pointing at the lovely fairy princess outfit.  'Thats not for halloween' I said. As much as I'd love a girl, I draw the line at my boy dressing up as one, hoping that in some way I am not opressing his creativity!

Monday, 12 October 2009

A question of WHY....
My facebook status reads: I always thought I would be one of those parents who answered 'but why mummy' with a patient 'because...' but after 10 minutes of 'why' he got 'BECAUSE I SAY SO, THAT WHY'. I got an overwhelming response! Most of my friends/colleagues/acquaintances showed their empathy with a 'like' or a comment of their own. How can children all be so different yet all the same.
I took Mr T to cafe nero today and while he sat in the baby seat throwing banana over the floor, I smiled at him like he was pure genius, while spilling my latte on my already (ready brek) stained top. People smiled in a sympathetic way but I was totally happy - and so was he. Nevertheless when he started shouting and I got banana in my hair I called it quits and left with my head held high and half a piece of lemon cake in my bag... its still there as I didn't get another chance to tuck in.
Not sure if this is just boys but my kids seems to constantly eat... so I am constantly thinking about food. Is it any wonder that I've still 2 stone to lose for post both kids... perhaps just an excuse though.

Friday, 9 October 2009

The part time experiment.

Well I'm here. My first week of working part time.... and I should be elated and excited that I've finally managed to get a role that ticks all the boxes - near to home TICK, near to nursery TICK, money OK when balanced with expensive nursery fees TICK, not so stressed that I don't have time for a cuppa soup at lunchtime TICK or a twix (as the soup allowed me the calories) at tea time TICK.

So why do I feel a little bit anxious and unsettled and typical of me - want to rush the next few weeks over so I settle into some kind of 'routine' - I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF ROUTINE!!!
So I've decided to publicly share myself in this dalliance of the careful balance between the full time mummy and full time working mummy and am looking at it as an experiment (rather than a test) of what will suit me and my precious little men (Drama King aged 3) and (Mr T aged 11months) the best.

When I found myself sweating off my clinque face at the soft play centre on Tuesday afternoon, racing around in my pig print socks (the only ones I could find when I realised they are key attire for these places) I thought - have I really signed up for this? Weeks of chasing DK round the tiny tunnels SO not made for child bearing hips and when he disappears, prowling the outside edges, with the occasional yell of his name as the flash of his green top disappears for the 6th time down the curly slide! This with Mr T shoved under my arm, wriggling like a slippery little fish to get down and throw his chunky little self in the ball pit. But isn't this what full time mums enjoy doing. Am I am bad mother for not wanting to leap into the ball pit behind him?

The weekend is bringing a new kind of excitement.... as I know I wont be back at work until next Wednesday... though as every parent knows, the weekends are no longer for chilling - no matter how long they are.

Lets see what random things I end up stressing about next then....