Thursday, 15 October 2009

Dressing up

I was talking to DK this morning about dressing up for halloween. He is obsessed with Batman and Spiderman so naturally wants to be Batman for a halloween party we're going to. He then followed up with that he wants his baby brother to be spiderman (the thought of my little podgy baby boy in the tight bright blue trousers is hilarious) and that he wants Daddy to be Robin (even more hilarious - yellow tights!) and I can be Superwoman - (nothing funny about me in tights) very pleased.

So I thought we had it all worked out until he saw me browsing the Mothercare Xmas catalogue and spotted the dressing up page - LOOK! He exclaimed - I assumed he spotted the spiderman outfit and had changed his mind about batman - but actually 'Its a pretty princess dress!' pointing at the lovely fairy princess outfit.  'Thats not for halloween' I said. As much as I'd love a girl, I draw the line at my boy dressing up as one, hoping that in some way I am not opressing his creativity!

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